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Professional Services

Professional Services

Sustainability with us

We take responsibility


We take our responsibility towards society and the environment very seriously and see this as the first step towards continuous improvement for a future across generations.


As an auditing and tax consulting firm, we see ourselves as an important role model for our environment.


In 2021, the shares in our company will be contributed to a foundation that is committed to sustainability. Based on the Sustainable Development Goals, this has set itself the goal of implementing charitable support, particularly through concrete projects for nature, environmental and species protection.


In addition, we have been a member of a support association for students at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich since March 2018.


By sustainable orientation we not only mean transparency, long-term and cost-effectiveness in supporting our clients, but also active contribution to social and environmental issues.


With will and acceptance of responsibility as a basis, we want to actively shape the future in a sustainable manner, with constant improvement being the core concept. This can only be achieved as a team, which is why promoting environmental awareness among our employees is of great importance.


We have the environmental management systemEMAS integrated into all business processes. Its maintenance is ensured by our board of directors and the appointed environmental management officer. Together and within the framework of EMAS, we set annual goals to continually improve our environmental impact. A detailed explanation of all points regarding the environmental management system can be found in ourEnvironmental statement being found.


Through the increasing use of innovative, digital communication, we are avoiding travel and reducing paper consumption, for example. In everything we do, we want to protect the environment ourselves and at the same time motivate others to do the same. True to the motto: “There is nothing good unless you do it.”



More sustainability in our services too - we take our clients with us and offer sustainability as a new service.

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Business trips

Business trips are the main source of our emissions. Due to close contact with our clients across Germany, business trips are sometimes indispensable. We prefer environmentally friendly transport routes and are increasingly using video and telephone conferences to reduce emissions. When recording our mobility mileage, we noticed that car trips have increased significantly due to the new location in Berchtesgaden. We have had an electric company car since May 2021.

Environmentally friendly ways to work

We promote climate-friendly ways of working. We support our employees with tickets for local public transport or the leasing option for bicycles or company bikes.


We want to work as digitally as possible, but paper is still an indispensable tool in auditing and tax consulting. We have therefore switched our paper procurement to environmentally friendly paper.

Waste, energy and water

We monitor the annual consumption of these key figures and strive to use them more efficiently despite the marginal optimization opportunities. Our consumption of energy and water is relatively low, as is the amount of waste. Since ADVICON AG was founded, we have been purchasing electricity from 100% renewable energy sources and paying attention to waste separation.

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