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Professional Services

Professional Services

Our services at a glance

Reliability and competence for your success

Whether standard service or individual solutions, we are happy to help you. Let us become your partner.


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Our standard services

Are you prepared for a possible audit? Although the frequency and scope of the audit depend on the size of the company, new technologies make more regular audits possible. We will be happy to support you: e.g. in checking your documents, preparing for tricky questions and also during the audit.


Numbers are our passion - yours too? Financial accounting is an essential and time-consuming area of work. Our experience - your time savings - your advantage. You decide individually what you want to outsource.


You would like to buy a company, participate in a company, acquire a property or the IPO is imminent? We are happy to be at your disposal as external partners for this examination and to support you.

Due Diligence

Inheritance tax and gift tax can be a burden for the beneficiary, possibly the inheritance even has to be sold or the company cannot be continued. We are familiar with all the instruments in this area and would like to help you keep the incurrence of taxes to a minimum or avoid it as far as possible.

Inheritance & Gifting

You have a business idea and want to get started? We support you not only in the areas of figures, finances and taxes, but also in business management. This includes, among other things, legal form consulting, strategic orientation, organization, and process optimization.


The international accounting standards are the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). These are one of the tax requirements for companies that operate globally. We support you and our clients with our expertise and experience. We are always available to answer questions and provide advice in this area.

International accounting

Are you planning to use globalization for yourself and your company? We advise German companies on tax law issues and topics abroad, as well as international companies on German tax law. We help you to optimize the payment flows for your company and at the same time to comply with relevant tax law requirements.

International tax law

Our motivation is to further improve your company. Your processes are checked for accuracy, regularity, expediency and cost-effectiveness. Our common goals are to increase efficiency for you, minimize risk and show you alternative courses of action.

Internal audit

Do you need support in closing your fiscal year? We would be happy to do it for you. Depending on the type of company we prepare: Balance sheet, profit and loss statement, notes, management report as well as revenue surplus statement.

Annual financial statement

We are happy to take care of registration and deregistration with the health insurance company, ongoing payroll accounting and the calculation of special compensation (bonuses, overtime, holidays).


Medium-sized businesses are often referred to as the engine of the German economy and everyone needs the right solution for them. We will be happy to advise you on all matters relating to SMEs, from setting up a company to financing and outsourcing options.

Medium-sized business consulting

Non-profit organizations enjoy privileges by the tax law, but they are bound by strict rules. This often entails complicated tax issues. We offer support from the establishment of a non-profit organization, starting, for example, with the correct formulation of articles of association, to long-term partnership in tax matters.


Good HR work moves your company forward, but also costs a lot of time. We will gladly take over the creation, administration and archiving of your personnel data for you. This way, your personnel data is stored securely with us, we do your payroll accounting and you have more time for what really moves your company forward.

Human Resources

There are special audits to clarify extraordinary matters. These can be used when matters can no longer be clarified internally. A distinction is made between general, balance sheet and group law special audits, as well as special audits in the GmbH. We are happy to support you in this area and are available to you as external auditors.

Special auditing

Tax consultancy is our daily bread. Our state-of-the-art IT ensures uncomplicated, fast and ecological data exchange. Together, we develop individual solutions in tax matters for you and your company.

Tax consultancy

Whether income tax returns, inheritance / gift tax returns, sales tax returns for private individuals or business tax returns for companies, we are happy to do it.

Tax return

Whether you are a company or a private individual, we will be happy to support you. Already in the run-up to avoid tax conflicts, but also in the analysis and solution of possible existing conflict situations. With our special knowledge and experience, we can offer you great added value here.

Criminal Tax Law

This includes tax planning, tax optimization, a tax function and information system, compliance with tax law requirements and the timely filing and payment of tax liabilities. We will be happy to advise you.

Tax Compliance

Are you facing an acquisition or sales process? We are happy to support you so that a tax-optimized sale succeeds. This applies to companies as well as to real estate. To this end, we determine the value of the company and advise you on how the transaction can be structured in a tax-efficient manner. We will be happy to assist you.

Transactional & Financial Consulting

For you as an entrepreneur, sales tax should be a pass-through item, since you get the invoiced sales tax reimbursed by the tax office as input tax.  We will be happy to take care of all matters relating to this area for you.

Sales tax

Companies change - no matter if you want to change your company form, if there should be a spin-off/integration or if a merger of two companies is interesting for you, there are tax law and company law rules. We will be happy to advise you and find an individual solution for you.



In the case of a company and asset succession, various areas have to be considered (private, social, legal, tax). We will be happy to advise you in the tax area and assist you. In this area, long-term sustainable planning is necessary in order to be able to carry out the company and asset succession as optimally as possible.

Company and asset succession

We will be happy to assist you. Whether in economic, tax or other matters - our experience and joint planning will bring you success. With long-term planning and future-oriented instruments, we create a competitive advantage for you. This is how we understand "sustainable management".


The valuation of a company can have many backgrounds - whether you commission this, an expert opinion on the company value is needed or simply a free request for valuation is given, we will be happy to do it for you. Benefit from our experience and an individual consultation.


All receipts that serve to document business transactions must be documented and stored. Use digitization here to avoid unnecessary amounts of paper and to protect the environment. We help you to record the content, set up the data collection process, carry it out and present the results.

Procedural documentation
tation according to GoBD

Within the scope of your asset structuring, we are happy to jointly lay the foundation for your success. We take over the data collection, the analysis and the control, as an independent partner. Likewise we provide you with a development overview.

Wealth Management

As experienced auditors, we will be happy to perform the legally required annual audit of individual and consolidated financial statements for you. However, we also offer many other audits.


With our dedicated support, we want to ensure that you can count on us in every entrepreneurial situation and succeed. Our goal is not only to provide you with the best service, but to help you realise your vision and achieve sustainable success.

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