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Professional Services


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The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, EU Taxonomy, and Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive... regulatory requirements regarding sustainability in companies are becoming stricter, and the pressure for transparency is higher.


To ensure that sustainability is not just a fulfillment of requirements but also creates high added value, we would be happy to show you how sustainability can be successfully, individually, and pragmatically implemented in your company.

Find out together with us how your corporate sustainability currently stands and where you can most efficiently improve in terms of ecological, social, and economic sustainability.

As independent third parties, we ensure your credibility regarding sustainable corporate practices and are happy to support you with the following services:

  • Development of a (ESRS-compliant) sustainability strategy

    • Identification of sustainability topics

    • Status quo determination

    • Stakeholder analysis & survey

    • (Double) materiality analysis

    • Action & goal development

  • Support in the preparation of an (ESRS-compliant) sustainability report

    • Data management

    • Concept creation

    • Content support

    • Control of compliance with sustainability reporting standards

  • Audit of financial and sustainability reports

Do you want to know if your company falls under one (or more) of the new sustainability laws and what details are coming your way? Then feel free to schedule a free initial consultation with us.

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